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OwnerGroups Membership

The OwnerGroups website contains all of the information you could need to see how we work and how we can help you realise your dreams.  Certain pages on this website are restricted to those who have made some financial commitment to proceeding with their search for partners to form an OwnerGroup.  These “value-added” pages contain information such as the legal structure of an OwnerGroup along with various calculators that can show you how OwnerGroups can make your investment more beneficial than buying something on your own.  There are three main levels of “membership” on the site.



  • By registering your search criteria on this site you become a bronze member. Bronze membership will not only allow you to add your details to our pool of potential buyers but it will also allow you to see certain restricted pages of the site including detailed explanations of how exactly an OwnerGroup works but also our value calculator to show you what sort of savings you can make by joining an OwnerGroup.  There is a nominal charge of £10 to become a Bronze member, this is to ensure that our database only has high-quality entries.


once we have identified a possible group of like-minded individuals we will ask you to make a further financial commitment of £250. This will show that you are serious and prepared to continue on to the next stage. Silver members will be able to see draft ownership agreements and will have access to how OwnerGroups, through our experience in setting up and managing these groups, is able to protect your interests.


This is full membership of the OwnerGroups website. At this stage we will not only have identified a group of like-minded individuals but we will also have been able to agree with you exactly what you are looking for. At this stage we will have set up a private area of this website to allow your group members to keep in touch with each other and for us to start to show you potential assets for you to consider. At this stage we will start incurring costs in the search so an initial payment of £750 is required to fund this. Remember, rather than you having to conduct this search yourself, shouldering all the costs on your own, all of these costs will be split between the members of the group. Gold members start at this search phase and go right through to full OwnerGroup owners.

Bronze Membership

Once you have completed this form and made your payment you will be redirected to the search forms which will allow you to register your search criteria.

Please select your primary country of residence. This should be where you are legally/fiscally counted as resident.
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Bronze membership will allow you to add your search criteria to our database so that we can start to try and match you up with other people looking for the same thing as you. By charging this nominal fee we are able to ensure that our database is filled only with those people who are seriously looking
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